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Steamed to Chewy Perfection

A variety of signature rice cakes made for those who love soft, chewy goodness.

Rice Cake/Mochi

From the heart of tradition to the essence of craftsmanship, Nam Dae Moon produces signature rice cakes that have been perfected with those values in mind. Nam Dae Moon’s variety of glutinous rice cakes and mochi balls are enriched with the finest ingredients to form different shapes, colours, and mildly-sweetened flavours. Fresh batches of rice cakes are crafted several times daily to ensure optimal freshness and chewy perfection in every bite. Each box of Nam Dae Moon’s rice cakes offers an experience to be enjoyed with friends and family of all ages – a true node to the tradition and culture of rice cakes.

Pound & Knead with Premium Ingredients

Glutinous Rice Flour

Fine milled and of the highest grade.

Seasonally Picked Toppings

Pure, never too sweet, and always in-season fillings.

Daily Fresh Cream

Creates a smooth & light cream filling for our mochi balls.

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